Why Ten Yoga teachers

Ten Yoga can connect you with an amazing group of yoga teachers. Each teacher has a base practice, love for yoga, personal commitment and is certified 200/500 RYT. Many of them possess blended skills such as; occupational therapy, dance, tia massage, physio, other therapies and/or Fitness trainers. Some bring workshop feel, movement focus, spiritual inquiry, and/or lifestyle ideas into the program. With our unique team of teacher we create a dynamic experience for finding where your fit!
Ten Yoga teachers are all different, yet draw from the same basic principles

  • Non harming

  • Cleanliness

  • Regard

  • Belief

  • Awareness

  • Movement

  • Breathe

  • Rest

Think of a quilt, there is a basic layered order of fabric, then different pieces come together to make up the individual pattern from remnants of life. This is how different each yoga teacher is as they uniquely teach learning and guide from observation. At the same time each program varies and is comforting like home.