The Support level yoga programs work within the limitations keeping you from getting on the floor, whether you have a form of device aid, worker or other mobility restrictions. Focus is on awareness to range of motion within the abilities of the individual. Modifications are offered and participants are encouraged to go at their own pace. There is nothing to keep up with, just one movement at a time. This program is often referred to as wheelchair, chair, seniors, gentle or accessibility yoga.

Support chair 1


Full Support yoga benefits those who are device dependent such as full or part time in a wheelchair, may have support care staff, reside in a care facility or other mobility issues or health restrictions. This program is for those in need of enhanced movement for tightness and who struggle with lack of daily mobility. Supervised chair or device based program.

Support full



Part Support Yoga is best suited for those who are post-injury or elderly people and are using a device to aid in movement. This program focuses on gentle moves, based in a seated position as you learn about body basics and how yoga can aid you in everyday life. Chair or device based programming.

Support Part



Chair Yoga is best suited for those who are able, however are no longer comfortable with getting on the floor. All of the benefits of floor based yoga are incorporated into seated and standing positions. You will work within your range of motion, wake up your joint mobility and stay with what you can do as you learn about body basics and how yoga can aid you in everyday life. You will feel stronger, increase balance and reduce pain. Chair and standing based programming.


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