What is private yoga?

Private yoga is a personalized session, custom tailored to the specific needs or requisition of each individual or group.

Who is private yoga best suited for?

Private yoga is held in the studio and is best suited for those who would like personalized programming, whether its 1 time or on-going. Private Programming is best suited for individuals, small groups (Couples or group of friends) or user groups (nonprofit organization, soccer team, and more).

1-on-1 Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy can really help you post surgery or when injured. It is a complement to recovery therapy methods like; chiropractic, aqua-therapy, physiotherapy & massage. This is a 1-on-1 setting that takes your personal movement into consideration and helps you to explore your needs, as we develop a personalized program for you. “Little moves, big results” is what you can expect! The results are considerable, pain is decreased and range of motion is increased in the first hour. Getting you back on track is the goal!

Where is private yoga held?

Private yoga is held in our studio only. We do not offer 1-on-1 private yoga on-site at your home or business. We suggest our online option for these services instead. Click here to learn more about our Online option.

What does it cost for private yoga?

$65/hour 1-on-1
$65/hour Small groups (additional $15/hour charge for each person above 4 students)
$65 and up/hour on-going mobile or on-site program (max 10 students)

How to book a privately

Book a private session by emailing Charlene at

Please note: When booking privately we need to find a time that works for everyone involved, please have multiple dates and times where you are available.