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The TEN Yoga Studio is located at 204 Simcoe Ave, Keswick, back of the building and upstairs. Our space is a tranquil & bright. Out the 6 large windows you will see mature trees and sunsets over the lake. Join us on the mat in this calming 800 sqft space suited for 10 students – making your program experience more private and personalized is a part of our mission. Click here for the schedule.




Join us at Nourish You Holistic Health Centre at 361 Mara Road, Beaverton, ON. 4 week classes beginning in February, click here to view the schedule.


Custom Yoga & Wellness
TEN Yoga Mobile service encompasses a Team of Yoga Teachers & Wellness Professionals providing a wide range of yoga styles & wellness workshops throughout York Region & Georgina. Our mobile team comes to you – we are able to suit a Yoga Teacher or Wellness Professional for your group’s need.

We build programming to support your corporate message.

Custom packages for you! Connect with Charlene at ctenyoga.gmail.com to build your onsite programs.


  • Transat Holidays

  • York Region Day Dementia Centre

  • Specialty Care Bradford Valley Senior Residence

  • Loft Center

  • Hospice Richmondhill

  • South Down Institute

  • CedarVale Lodge (Chair)

  • South Lake Regional – ACCT Program


    Town of GeorginaTEN YOGA and The Town of Georgina

TEN YOGA is proud to work with the Town of Georgina Recreational Coordinators closely since 2006, to establish subsidized multi leveled yoga programming throughout Georgina. You will find our team of teachers in several locations, in the over 15 yoga programs per week offered. Join the Town of Georgina programs directly visit the Town of Georgina – www.georgina.ca



CLUB 55 – Keswick

Located at 130 Gwendolyn Blvd in the heart of Keswick, you will find +55 Yoga programs inside the Stephen Leacock Centre – especially for the young at heart! The Yoga program is set in the atrium of the theatre, newly painted and carpeted (Dec 2010) and still looks fresh. The space has warm lighting and provides an intimate location for the GENTLE levels of Seniors Yoga programming, both of which are floor based (if you are unable to easily get onto the floor, please look at the SUPPORT Level programming). Teacher student Ratio 1:10. Call directly to join 905-960-6525


Located at 90 Wexford Drive in Keswick, 1 light north of Canadian Tire on Woodbine. Park at the front, enter by the library, turn left in the main hall and you will find the yoga programs are held in the Multipurpose room. It is a clean, small yet open room that offers a private bathroom. With over 7 programs a week, we have SUPPORT, GENTLE, FLOW and Pre/Post natal programming covered at affordable rates lead by Georgina’s top Teachers! 12 to 1 ratio, Call directly to join 905-960-6525.


Located at 76 Pete’s Lane in Pefferlaw, this Yoga space is located in the multipurpose room beside the Library. This simple & clean space is home to 2 FLOW level programs each week, making movement closer to home. 10 to 1 ratio. Call directly to join 905-960-6525.

Town of GeorginaSUTTON

Located at 5279 Black River Rd off of Dalton Road in Sutton at Georgina Leisure Pool. This space is quite and comfortable with room for 15 students. You can sign up in the weekly FLOW programming or sign up as a Fitness pass member and purchase 10, 20 or 30 passes! Call directly to join 905-960-6525.