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Ten Yoga is for Every Body

Since 2011, Ten Yoga can be viewed on Rogers TV Georgina. Charlene Biggerstaff is the Community Producer & Host of the daily show, where people of all abilities and ages learn yoga just like you! Viewers are introduced to approaches that help you accept and redefine the way your body moves while encouraging movement without any discomfort. Charlene, along with guest teachers and students will help you approach key traditional and non-traditional yoga movements on our own terms. Guests ask questions, are guided in modifications and we laugh! You are encouraged to choose your own pace in the comfort of your home. We encourage you to send in questions or become a guest on the show to help others that may have similar obstacles.   Potential benefits for participants are:

  • increased energy, mobility, flexibility, strength, focus and metabolism
  • better moods
  • reduction of stress

These are all obtainable goals for you, based on a lot of feedback from people who have taken part in a program as well as research findings. Start small, take your time!



As Community Producer and Host of Ten Yoga on Rogers TV, I want to invite you to join me on my adventure! We tape at the Rogers TV Studio located within the Ice Palace on Woodbine Avenue in Keswick. To be added to our email list contact


I am looking for people who think they can do yoga! The show is the right place for Every Body. We encourage newer students and those with limitations to participate. You will be shown moves that are right for your body level, by staying with what you can do comfortably.
Join me on the show, if you want to be a Leader in the community that viewers can relate to:

  • rotator cuff, wrist, knee difficulties etc?
  • lower back pain?
  • body stiffness?
  • inability to touch your toes?
  • need props, like a chair, the wall, blankets and blocks to exercise?
  • not sure what the heck Downward Dog is all about?


Whatever the case, those of you that are newer to yoga or have a limitation may find it hard to feel like you fit into a fitness place.

This is the space for you!

If you want to help inspire others by showing that Every Body can move, message me back with your email. I will put you on the list of contacts for the show and send you more details. I am sooooooo looking forward to good movement, some laughs, a bit of sharing, and lots of real people to help me inspire Every Body to move!